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The best gadgets for christmas!! Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter | Christmas

In every Christmas holidays, I try to cut some gift wraps and making not really straight cuts. That it would seem that there was an earthquake occurring while I was cutting it. But this device helps you to make gift warping easier for this Christmas. It’s called ‘Little ELF gift wrap cutter. Just slip it over your wrapping paper and slide it down for a straight cut. Stanford student and founder of this device Bryan Perla spent two years for developing this invention.

Here is how it works step by step.
1. Slide Wrapping Paper Cutter over the wrapping paper. Remember the device is flexible so it can be used on any size roll of paper. 
2. Pull a sheet of paper through the larger slot in the device. 
3. Once the sheet of paper is the desired length, slide Wrapping Paper Cutter to the end of the roll allowing the paper to drop into the slot where the blade is embedded. 
4. Now gently push Wrapping Paper Cutter forward to cleanly cut the paper. 
5. Once the slice is complete, simply bring Wrapping Paper Cutter back to the center of the wrapping paper. It doubles as an organizer! Your paper will not roll away or become unorganized.

This gift wrapping paper cutter makes a perfect line every time. ‘Little ELF’ is safer, easier, and more precise than scissors. All you have to do is simply slide it over your wrapping paper roll. Then pull the sheet to your desired length. And slide the paper into the slot where the blade is embedded. Finally push the Little ELF forward and get a perfectly clean and straight cut every time. It comfortably fits any sized rolls.

The embedded blade ensures you never cut yourself. And removes the stress of trying to perfectly warp gifts during the holidays and gift-giving occasions. It keeps your wrapping paper from unraveling when not in use. The Little Elf wrapping paper cutting tool will save a ton of time off your holiday gift warping works. Instead of using outdated cutting methods you can use the Little ELF for getting silky-smooth wrapping paper cuts.

This gift wrap paper cutter is also an organizer of gift wrap rolls. While in storage it perfectly hold the paper roll in place. So it won’t unravel and make frustrating mess. And it’s time to avoid rubber bands to organize the warping paper. This cutting tool is perfect for your kids to learn Christmas and birthday gift wrapping safely.